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Title: Dagorhir Battle Games, where Tolkien's Middle Earth meets Dark Age Europe!
Description: You've read Lord of the Rings, how would you like to live it? Don't dream of the life! Live the dream! Dagorhir! Experience yesterday's fun today!
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Title: - Kahu Fred Sterling & Master Guide Kirael
Description:, focuses on World Peace through Healing, the Ten Principles of Conscious Creation, Signature Cell Healing and The Great Shift in Consciousness.

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Title: Victory - лучшая онлайн браузерная бесплатная фэнтези-фантастическая ст
Description: Victory - онлайн браузерная бесплатная фэнтези-фантастическая стратегия. Открытие новой онлайн игры, которая не требует установки. Victory © 2011 В
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Title: v1.0; // the world is suffused with sound
Description: Tinuviel's domain, full of RahXephon, Lord of the Rings, and Legend of Mana goodness, and whatever else she decides to put there
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Title: World of Dread - Persistent Virtual World
Description: According to many people, the best Ultima Online server. PVP, PVN, single systems. With an average of over 100 active players. Try it: You will not regret!
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Title: Half-Elven Home Page
Description: Home of the Far Isles Half-Elven where readers can read fantasy stories related to the hybrid elf-human people of the Marches and learn more about Far Isles Half-Elven history.
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Title: Atelier Terra Nostra - Terra Nostra
Description: Votre boutique païenne, ésotérique et bien-être en ligne : articles fabriqués à la main, personnalisables et uniques.
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Title: The Library of Moria: Lord of the Rings Slash and RPS Fanfiction Archive
Description: The Library of Moria is a Lord of the Rings slash and RPS fanfiction archive, organized by pairing and author and accepting of all ratings.