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Title: Diafenthiuron,Thifluzamide,Chlorantraniliprole,Baokai Chemical Co.,Ltd (manufacture)
Description: pesticide,Chinese,agrochemical, insecticide, Chlorantraniliprole,Metaflumizone,Thifluzamide,Spirodiclof en,Trifloxystrobin,Pymetrozine,Azoxystrobin
#403,866 (-5%) -
Title: Welcome to the world of Lonza
Description: Lonza is a life sciences driven company and leading custom manufacturer of active ingredients, intermediates, APIs and biopharmaceuticals based on exclusive chemical synthesis and biotechnology, microbial fermentation and mammalian cell culture.
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Description: Not available
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Title: Tea Tree Oil
Description: Tea Tree Oil is a natural antiseptic, germicide, antibacterial, fungicide that may be purchased online with our secure transaction server. Includes bulk and consumer products.
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Title: Virginia Pesticide Safety - Brought to you by the Office of Pesticide Services
Description: The Virginia Pesticide Safety website provides information about the safe and proper use of pest control products while promoting the use of integrated pest management techniques. The website includes information about nonchemical and less toxic alternat
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Title: Hydroponics - Grow Wurks - Hydroponic Supplies, Hydroponics, Hydroponic Supplies, Gardening Systems & Nutrients Online Stores G
Description: Grow Wurks Hydroponic Supplies has a huge selection of hydroponic products such as horticultural lighting, hydroponic nutrients, growing systems & mediums along with irrigation components, air quality management, blowers and fans!, Best Hydroponic Site, Best Hydroponic Website, Discount Hydroponics,, hydroponics, Cheap hydroponic website, High Pressure Sodium, HPS, Metal Halide, MH, Lights, Reflectors, Light Cooling Options, Reflective Materials, Replacement Bulbs, Conversion Bulbs, Complete Ballast Assemblies, CANNA, Aeroponic Systems, Ebb and Flow, Hydroponic Systems, Trays, Flood Tables & Reservoirs, Soilless Mixes,
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Active Air Blowers, Can Fans, CFM, Ionizers, Ozone Generators, Odor Neutralizers, CAN Filters, Hydroponic Accesories, PH meters, CO2 emitters, generators, Pest control, Environmental Controllers, Timers, Rooting Harmones, Additives, Organic, Nutirent, ACID, AERATION, ALGAE, ALKALINE, AMPERE (AMPBACTERIA), BALLAST, BLOOM, BLOSSOM BOOSTER, BOLT, BUD, BURN, CANOPY, CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2), CELL DIVISION, CHITIN, CHLOROSIS, CLONE, CONDITIONING, COTYLEDON, CYTOKININ, DISSOLVED SOLIDS, DRIP SYSTEM, ELECTRICAL CONDUCTIVITY, FERTILIZER, FLOOD TABLE, FLUORESCENT, FOLIAR FEEDING, FUNGICIDE, FUNGUS GNATS, GERMINATION, GROW MEDIA / MEDIUM, GUANO, HARDEN OFF, HID – High Intensity Discharge. hydroponic ga, (MH) Metal- halide (HPS) a High-pressure-sodium, HORMONE, HUMIS ACID, HUMIDITY, HUMUS, HYBRID, HYDRATED LIME, HYDROPONICS – cultivation of plants in nutrie, KILOWATT-HOUR, LEAF CURL, LIGHT, LIGHT MOVER, LUMEN MACRO-NUTRIENT N-P-K or the secondary nut, High pressure sodium conversion bulbs allow cha, MICROBIAL, MODULAR HYDROPONICS, NFT – Nutrient Film Technique, NITROGEN (N) NUTRIENT N-P-K. NUTRIENT DEFICIENC, ORGANIC pH – a scale from 1 to 14 that measur, PERLITE, PHOSPHOROUS (P), PHOTOPERIOD, PHOTOSYNTHESIS, POLLINATION, POLYPLOID, POTASSIUM (K), PROPOGATE Asexual – to produce a plant by tak, RESERVOIR (or RES) REVERSE OSMOSIS (R/O), ROCKWOOL – inert, soil less growing medium consisting of thin str, SEEDLING – a young plant that is grown from a, SPIDER MITE, STRESS, THRIPS, VERMICULITE, WICK, Advanced Nutrients, AgroSun, Air King, American Hydroponics, Botanicare, Can-Fan, Can-Filter, Canna, Custom Automated Products (CAP), Dyna-Gro, EcoPlus, EZ Clone, Fox Farm, G.E., Philips, Sylvania, Eiko, General Hydroponics, Grodan, Grolux, Hanna Instruments, Hortilux Eye, Hydrofarm, Hydroton, Intermatic, Jiffy, Lumatek, Sunleaves, SunMaster, Vortex(View Less)

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Title: Muscadine (Muscadines) Products, Grapes, Fruit, Trees - Ison's Nursery
Description: Welcome to Ison's Nursery and Vineyards.
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Title: Microban
Description: Microban is the global leader of safe, durable, and effective built-in antimicrobial solutions that help make products cleaner, fresher, and last longer. Microban is featured in over 1000 products around the world in a variety of industries including con