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Title: - Bringing Maths Alive
Description: My contains revision pages, games, puzzles, offline activities and a ready made Maths lessons for using on an interactive whiteboard.
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Title: Adrian Bruce's Educational Teaching Resources-Reading Games-Math Games-Educational Software-Motivational Posters-Line Symmetry-
Description: shares educational resources with the world- reading games, reading posters, maths games, phonics games, phonics posters, podcasting ideas, motivational posters, art activities, free educational software, teaching resources, printable, re
#608,402 (+30%) -
Title: Johnnie's Math Page - Fun math for kids and their teachers
Description: Math for kids and their teachers. Interactive math lessons, activities, math games, and free math worksheets for kindergarten through middle school students.
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Title: nature detectives
Description: 1000+ FREE games and downloads for kids from Nature Detectives, run by the Woodland Trust. Play conkers, pick blackberries, kick leaves, build dens and spot wildlife this autumn.
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Title: 龍博士科普立方體 LONPOS COCO CROSS 333 - LONPOS puzzle games and toys provider -
Description: 684899 Braintelligent Shopping Mall 是龍博士網路商品總經銷,提供可以增進智能、開發腦力的各種益智商品,龍博士科普立方體 LONPOS COCO CROSS 333 是龍博士最新力作。
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#1,102,515 (+40%) -
Title: Primary Games - Educational games for the primary classroom
Description: Primary Games - Interactive maths games and supporting maths worksheets.
#1,897,720 (-58%) -
Title: Johnnie's Math Fun - Math Games and Puzzles
Description: Fun math games and puzzles for kids -number puzzles, checkers, chess, tetris, tictactoe, sudoku, funny math games and more - free math games at Johnnie's Math Fun

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Description: You must have heard of Shakuntala Devi who solved maths calculations faster than a Computer For example, multiply 52*11.This can be calculated in less than 2 second mental maths trick So let see how using a simple To multiply 52 and 11,imagine there is a
#6,235,460 (+265%) -
Title: Achievement Games
Description: In here Talk about All Information| Gaming Communities| Computer Games| Console Games| Console Systems| Online Gaming| Video Game Reviews| Glider Game| Car Games| Girl Games| Funny Games| Kids Games| Cooking Games| PC Games| Maths Games| Games for Free |