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Title: Computer Memory, Laptop Batteries -
Description: memory, memory upgrades, notebook memory, notebook hard drives and batteries
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Title: GTC Electronics (310) 306-1111 | Electronic components | Integrated circuits | Transistors | Diodes | Semiconductors | Capacito
Description: GTC is a stocking distributor of electronic components in Los Angeles California, specializing in commercial and military level transistors, diodes, integrated circuits and passive components. Our Products include: Electronic components, Integrated circu
#2,575,708 (+96%) -
Title: Gamla Enterprises, Wholesale Distributor of Refurbished, Reconditioned & Close-Out Digital Cameras, Memory Products, Radar Dete
Description: Gamla Enterprises, North America' Premier Dealer / Distributor of Refurbished, Reconditioned & Close-Out Digital Cameras, Memory Products, Radar Detectors, CB Radios, Two-Way Radios, Personal Care & Mobile Communications. Visit our site for more info.
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Title: Everspin Technologies, Inc.
Description: The global leader in developing and manufacturing integrated magnetic products including stand-alone and embedded Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory (MRAM). Learn more more about non-volatile memory.

Not available.
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Title: AMP INC.: Memory Products
Description: AMP Inc. - Accelerated Memory Production - manufactures a full line of memory products, including Solid State Drives (SSD), DDR Modules, SDRam, EDO Ram and Compact Flash Cards.
Keywords:AMP Inc., amp inc., Accelerated Memory Production, computer memory, memory, memory products, SSD, solid state drives, SATA-II 2.5 inch SSD, SATAsfaction Series, DDR Modules, DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, SDRam, Ruggedized SO-DIMM, DDR3 204 Pin Unbuffered Ruggedized SO-DIMM, Ruggedized Micro-DIMM, DDR3 214 Pin Unbuffered Ruggedized Micro-DIMM, Compact Flash Cards, CF Cards, compact flash, PATA/IDE DRIVE, SLC PATA DRIVE, MLC PATA DRIVE,
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IDE DRIVE, RSODIMM, Rugged SODIMM, DDR1 184 Pin DIMM Registered, DDR1 184 Pin DIMM Unbuffered, DDR1 184 Pin DIMM Unbuffered w/PLL, DDR1 200 Pin SO-DIMM Registered, DDR1 200 Pin SO-DIMM Unbuffered w/PLL, DDR1 200 Pin SO-DIMM Unbuffered, DDR2 200 Pin SO-DIMM Unbuffered w/PLL, DDR2 200 Pin SO-DIMM Unbuffered, DDR2 240 Pin DIMM Registered, DDR2 240 Pin DIMM Unbuffered, DDR2 244 Pin Mini DIMM Registered, DDR3 240 Pin SDRAM Registered DIMM, DDR3 240 Pin SDRAM Unbuffered ECC DIMM, DDR3 240 Pin SDRAM Unbuffered Non-ECC DIMM, DDR3 240 Pin SDRAM Unbuffered Non-ECC SO-DIMM, SDRam 144 Pin SO-DIMM Unb w/PLL, SDRam 144 Pin SO-DIMM Unbuffered, SDRam 168 Pin DIMM Registered, SDRam 168 Pin DIMM Unbuffered, Commercial Temperature Compact Flash, Industrial Temperature Compact Flash, EDO Ram Fast Page Mode 72 Pin SIMM, EDO Ram 72 Pin SO-DIMM, EDO Ram 144 Pin SO-DIMM, AMP341S32GB, AMP341S64GB, AMP341S128GB, AMP341M64GB, AMP341M128GB, AMP341M256GB, AMP1K1TDR24A220N-XYY, AMP513TVR28A210N-XYY, AMP513TDR14A220N-XYY, AMP257TDR14A120N-XYY, AMP257TDR18A210N-XYY, AMP257TVR18A210N-XYY, AMP129TDR18A110N-XYY, AMP512TDU28A210N-XYY, AMP256TDU28A210N-XYY, AMP128TDU18A110N-XYY, AMP513TDU28A220N-XYY, AMP257TDU18A220N-XYY, AMP129TDU18A120N-XYY, AMP512TSU28A220N-XYY, AMP256TSU18A220N-XYY, AMP256TSU26A210N-XYY, AMP128TSU18A110N-XYY, AMP128TSU16A210N-XYY, AMPCF129M1S-vxPSNyC-4B, AMPCF257M1S-vxPSNyC-4B, AMPCF513M1S-vxPSNyC-4B, AMPCF01DG1S-vxPSNyC-4B, AMPCF02DG1S-vxPSNyC-4B, AMPCF04DG1S-vxPSNyC-4B, AMPCF08DG1S-vxPSNyC-4B, AMPCF16DG1S-vxPSNyC-4B, AMPCF32DG1S-vxPSNyC-4B, AMPCF129M1S-vxPSNyI-4B, AMPCF257M1S-vxPSNyI-4B, AMPCF513M1S-vxPSNyI-4B, AMPCF01DG1S-vxPSNyI-4B, AMPCF02DG1S-vxPSNyI-4B, AMPCF04DG1S-vxPSNyI-4B, AMPCF08DG1S-vxPSNyI-4B, AMPCF16DG1S-vxPSNyI-4B, AMPCF32DG1S-vxPSNyI-4B, AMP383D1713XT5-CB0, AMP383D3223XT5-CB0, AMP383D3223XT5-CB3, AMP383D3223XT5-CC4, AMP383D3310XT3-CA2, AMP383D3310XT3-CB0(View Less)
Title: Tailored Memory Solutions - Home - Silicon Valley Solutions
Description: Tailored memory and storage solutions for the OEM. Solutions include DDR, Flash, SSD and others. SVS has an unwaivering attention to detail in support of our customers.
Title: SBA Certified Minority Owned and Operated Military Electronic Component Distributor | All Tech Electronics
Description: All Tech Electronics is an SBA certified minority owned and operated military electronic component distributor located in Elmsford, New York. We are a franchised stocking distributor, specializing in military grade and high reliability semiconductor prod
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Title: Download Datasheets,
Description: - you can recieve detailed information about various electronic devices and microcontrollers, download datasheets and documentation, specification chart, additional features, low voltage device option, package options