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Title: Typing Test - - learn to type online FREE typing tutor and typing tests, typing certification
Description: Typing Test - - learn to type online FREE typing tutor and typing tests, typing certification
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Title: See Art - La communauté des artistes
Description: Une communauté d'artiste pour partager, exposer et faire de la communication sur vos talents. Ce site vous permettra de faire des échanges avec d'autre artiste et d'être vu par des recruteurs.
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Description: numeric
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Title: Ch -- an embeddable C/C++ interpreter, C and C++ scripting language
Description: SoftIntegration, Inc. offers Ch, an embeddable and interactive C/C++ interpreter and scripting language for cross-platform scripting, shell programming, 2D/3D plotting, numerical computing, math and algebra learning, quick animation, and embedded scripti

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Title: Welcome to Systems Associates, Inc.
Description: Systems Associates manufactures weighing and identification systems primarily for the railroad transportation industry. We also manufacture numeric displays to show weight, time, product count, etc.
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Title: A1 Engineering-Minnesota Machining – Injection Mold Build – Mold Repair – Lens Mold - ISO Certified – Screen Pac - CNC
Description: A Minnesota Machining company that contracts to design, engineer, machine and assemble precision Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) prototypes, custom & small lot production machined parts,industrial, defense, aerospace, medical devices, off-road vehicles
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Title: Magnum Machining - Computer Machining - Numeric Controlled CNC Manufacturing Facitlity
Description: Magnum contracts to design, engineer, manufacture and assemble precision Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) prototypes, custom & production machined parts, and component assemblies for industrial (hydraulic/pneumatic) power systems, defense, transmissions