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Title: Trigger Point Therapy Workbook; Your Self-Treatment Guide for Pain Relief
Description: Illustrated information about myofascial trigger points and referred pain in muscles and joints. You can self-treat your own pain without drugs and their dangerous side effects.
Keywords:abdominal pain, acupressure, acupuncture, acute pain, adhesive capsulitis, algesia, algesthesia, allergic rhinitis, allergy symptoms, alleviate pain, allodynia, alternative medicine, angina, ankle sprain, arthritis, auto accident, back pain, bellyache, biceps, bicipital tendinitis, bone spurs, Bonnie Prudden, buckling knee, burning pain, bursitis,
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Title: HEALTH TOP 100
Description: Top 100 Health Sites . . . ranked and updated every 30 minutes. nutrition, health, minerals, vitamins, coloidal, doctor, doctors, physician, physicians, emergency, emergency room, first aid, aids, holistic, holistic health, ppo, hmo, ppo's hmo's, primary
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Title: Touro University California - Touro University, California
Description: Touro University California is a non-profit graduate institution offering professional programs in Osteopathic Medicine, Pharmacy, Physician Assistant Studies, Public Health, Nursing and Education. Located on Mare Island in Vallejo, California.
Title: Osteopathic Heritage Foundations: Supporting Central and Southeastern Ohio
Description: The Osteopathic Heritage Foundations support osteopathic medical education and biomedical research, nationally, and the health and quality of life for vulnerable populations in central and southeastern Ohio.
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Title: Sun Life Family Health Center
Description: Sun Life Family Health Center is Pinal County's largest primary care provider. Sun Life offers family medicine at all of our six locations, as well as the Center for Women, and Family Dentistry & Orthodontics at our Casa Grande office. Sun Life is a not-
Keywords:Medical Care, Doctor, Family doctor, Family medicine, General medicine, Family practice, Pediatrician, Pediatrics, Physician, Physician assistants, Dental, Dentist, Orthodontics, Hygienist, Dentures, General dentistry, Family dentistry, Teeth whitening, Extractions, Root canal, Dental discounts, Medical discounts, Sliding fee, Same day appointments, Walk-in appointments,
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Title: Oliver Family Healthcare
Description: Not available

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Title: Manchester Osteopathic Healthcare
Description: Manchester Osteopathic Healthcare, located in Manchester, Maine, on the outskirts of Augusta, is a private medical practice that opened in April of 2001 in response to a growing need for specialized patient care with a focus in osteopathic manipulative m
Keywords:Manchester Osteopathic Healthcare, Dr. Doug Jorgensen, Douglas J. Jorgensen D.O., Charles G. Landry D.O., osteopathic, osteopathic medicine, osteopath, maine osteopath, maine osteopathic care, back pain, High Velocity-Low Amplitude, Muscle Energy, Counterstrain, Balanced Ligamentous or Membranous tension, Cranial Technique, Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment OMT, Western Avenue, Manchester, ME, 207-622-4500, therapeutic techniques, chronic pain, asthma, children, adults,
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Title: Welcome to Hernando County's Leading Orthopaedic & Spinal Surgery Center in Spring Hill, FL - Chief of Surgery Dr. Michael W. H
Description: Dr. Michael W. Higgins D.O., P.A.'s current practice in Spring Hill includes the non-operative and operative treatment of general orthopaedic conditions as well as spinal diseases. Dr. Higgins is dedicated to patient education, community service, and qua
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Title: Canadian Council of Osteopathic Examiners (CCOE) - Details on the education and examination requirements for osteopathic doctors
Description: Details on the education and examination requirements for osteopathic doctors and reasons why osteopathic medicine can play a vital role in the healthcare system. Details sur les conditions d'éducation et d'examen pour les Médecins Ostéopathique et le