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Title: eFunda: The Ultimate Online Reference for Engineers
Description: eFunda, the ultimate online reference for the mechanical engineering community
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Title: Engineers Edge - Design, Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions
Description: Engineers Edge - Total Design, Engineering & Manufacturing Resources
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Title: chemBlink Database of Chemicals from Around the World: Suppliers of Additives & Reagents, Agrochemicals, Basic Chemicals, Bioch
Description: chemBlink Database of Chemicals from around the World: suppliers of Additives & Reagents, Agrochemicals, Basic Chemicals, Biochemicals, Flavors, Intermediates, Bulk Pharmaceuticals, Polymers
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Title: Detailers Domain - Home
Description: We have one of the most extensive selections of car care and auto detailing supplies, the best carnauba waxes, exterior car care and interior car care products, car polishes and compounds, auto accessories, car polishers and buffers, and car detailing eq
Keywords:menzerna polishes, menzerna, car care products, carnauba paste wax, premium car care, premium carnauba wax, polishes, compounds, car wash, interior cleaners, leather cleaner, leather conditioner, leather care, paint correction, auto detailing supplies, microfiber towel, microfiber, waffle weave towels, glass cleaner, swissvax, p21s, metabo, makita, porter cable, 7424,
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7424xp, porter cable 7424xp, paul dalton, crystal rock, concorso, PO85RD, Super Intensive Polish, Collinite, Sealant, Polymer Sealant, Meguiars M105, Power Gloss, Zymol Vintage, Zaino, Adam's Polishes, Einszett, 1Z Einszett, Cockpit, Glanz Wax, how to wax your car, how to wash your car, how to clean your wheels, how to clean your interior, car care tips, how to clay your car, turtle wax, mothers, sonus, blackfire, pinnacle, lusso, pinnacle souveran, dodo juice,,, autogeek, detail spray, waterless wash, optimum no rinse, onr, Brinkman MaxFire Dual Xenon, 3m, 3M 09553 Perfect-it Rotary Backing Plate, leather master, cheapest car care products, grit guard, 2 bucket method, kevin brown method, meguiars m105, m205, black wow, tire dressing, glass cleaner, menzerna po106fa, menzerna super finish, menzerna power finish, menzerna final finish, swissvax pneu, swissvax wheel brush, swissvax detail brush, swissvax finesse, swissvax samurai, swissvax onyx, swissvax saphir, porsche car care, porsche paint, porsche wheel care, caring for your wheels, wheel wax, tire dressing, engine degreaser, bug and tar remover, adam's detail spray, adam's vrt, adam's in and out, leather care for furniture, leather care for handbags, leatherique, car paint, polishing car paint, cr spotless, metrovac, foam gun, foam canon, detailer, mobile detailer, car polisher, polishing car, wetsanding cars, wetsanding, compounding a car, high end car wax, exotic car care, exotic wax, glanz wax, sealants, polymers, convertible car care, how to clean your convertible top, raggtopp, p21s, menzerna fmj, hosecoil, hose coil, optimum car care, optimum no rinse, waterless wash, flex xc3401, flex xc3401vr, flex xc 3401 vr(View Less)
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Title: Bruker AXS: Home
Description: Bruker AXS designs and manufactures analytical X-ray systems for elemental analysis, materials research and structural investigations. Bruker AXS’ innovative solutions enable a wide range of customers in heavy industry, chemistry, pharmacy, semiconduct
Keywords:XRF, X-ray Spectrometry, XRD, X-ray Diffraction, OES, Optical Emission Spectrometry, Combustion Analysis, Thermal Analysis, X-ray Microanalysis, Biological Crystallography, Chemical Crystallography, Lab Automation, Radionuclide Analysis, On-line XRF, Metallurgy, Conservation, Cement, Raw Materials, Environment Management, Waste Management, Coating, Life Sciences, Mining, Geology, Automotive,
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Nanomaterials, Oils, Pastics, Refinery, RoHS, Semiconductors, EDXRD, EDXRF, WDXRF, EDS, EDX, SAXS, WAXS, Aluminium, Art, Archaeology, Paintings, Building Materials, Cement, Carbon, Coal, Cast Iron, Catalysts, Ceramics, Refractories, Coatings, Glass, Cobalt, Colloids, Compound Semiconductors, Copper, Brass, Epitaxial Layers, Alloys, Ferro Alloys, Fertilizers, Salts, Food, Fodder, Forensic, Fuel, Gasoline, Glass, Chemicals, Inorganic Chemicals, Lead, Lime, Limestone, Clays, Lubricants, Lube Oils, Grease, Magnesium, Metals, Minerals, Rocks, Crystals, Nickel, Ores, Organic Chemicals, Paper, Particles, Pharmaceuticals, Drugs, Pigments, Paints, Polymers, Fibres, Prescious Metals, Proteins, Sand, Quartz, Semiconductors, Si, Si/Ge, Slags, Soils, Sediment, Steel, High Alloys, Low Alloys, Thin films, Tin, Solder, Titanium, Wafers, Waste, Ash, Filters, Dust, Water, Zeolithes, Zinc, µ-Spot Analysis, 3D Structure, Single Crystal, X-ray Structure, Amorphous Mixtures, Crystalline Mixtures, Components, Workpieces, Crystal Growth, Crystalline Powder Analysis, EDS Microanalysis, Elemental Analysis, Nanoanalytics, Phase Transitions, Thin Film Analysis, Layer Thickness, % Crystallinity, Structure Determination, Al-Bath Analysis, Automatic Sample Handling, Sample Handling, Crystal Orientation, Crystalline Phases, Crystalline Structure, Crystallite Size, Electron Density Maps, Elemental Map, High Pressure Structure, High Sample Throughput, Identification, Low Temperature Structure, Monitoring, Nano Particles, Non Ambient Conditions, Polymorph Screening, Preferred Orientation, Texture, Process Control, High Sample Throughput, Trace Elements, Quality Control, Quantitative Analysis, Qualitative Analysis, SAD Phasing, MAD Phasing, Sample Screening, Strain, Stress(View Less)
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Title: EMDT - European Medical Device Technology
Description: European Medical Device Technology (EMDT) combines in-depth technical articles focusing on medical device materials issues, design breakthroughs, manufacturing processes and regulation European medical device manufacturers.
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Title: CYTEC Industries
Description: Cytec Industries Inc. is a global specialty chemicals and materials company focused on developing, manufacturing and selling value-added products. Our products serve a diverse range of end markets including aerospace, adhesive, automotive and industrial
Keywords:Ablatives, Acrylic Fiber, Acrylics, Acrylonitrile, Additives, Adhesive, Adhesive Products., Aerospace, Agriculture, Alumina, Aluminum, Antioxidants, Architectural, aulfuric acid/oleum, Autoclaves, Automotive, Automotive Coatings, Base Metals, Biomedical, Carbon, carbon fiber, Carbon Materials, Catalyst Manufacturers, Chemical, Chemical Intermediates,
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Chemical Mineral Processing, Commercial Aerospace, Commercial Aircraft, Computer Industry, Crosslinkers, CYANOX, CYASORB, CYTEC, Cytec Building Block Chemicals, Cytec Engineered Materials, Cytec Engineered Materials (CEM), Cytec Industries Inc., Cytec Specialty Chemicals, Cytec Specialty Chemicals, Derivatives, Dispersions, Electronics, Energy Curable Coatings, Energy Curable Inks, Engineered Plastics, Epoxy, Extreme-Demand Environments., Film Adhesives, Flexible Molds, Flocculants, Fortier Manufacturing, Fumigants, Global, Global Certifications, Graphics, Graphics adhesives, Green Coating Materials, HAPS Free Resin, Hardners, Helicopter, high performance materials, High-Performance Automotive, High-Technology Coatings And Binders, High-Temperature, High-Temperature Applications, Hydrogen cyancide, Industrial Castings, Industrial Coatings, Industrial Minerals, Industrial Products, Inks, ISO 9000 Quality System, Isocyanate Based Polyurethanes, Labels, Large Aerospace, Launch, Light Stabilizers, Lightweight Structural Components, Liquid Coating Resins & Additives, Low VOC, Manufacturing, Manufacturing process performance applications, Material Science And Process Technologies, Materials Company, Medical, Melamine, Melamine-Based Resins, Military, Military Aircraft, Mining, Mining Chemicals, Mining Reagents, Monomers, Opto-electronics., Paints and Coatings, Pan And Pitch-Based Carbon Fibers, PCI3, PH3, Phosphine & Phosphorus Specialties, Phosphines, Plastics, Polymer Additives, Polymer-based alternatives, Polymers, Powder coating additives, Powder Coating Resins & Additives, Precious Metals, Pre-Impregnated Adhesives, Pre-Impregnated Composites, Pressure Sensitive Adhesives, Printed Circuit Board Coatings, Prototype Parts, Pulp And Paper, Radiation Curing Resins, Raw materials, Resin-Infusion Systems, Risk Characterization and Management Process, Safer biocides, Safety Health and Environmental Policy, SH&E Goals, Silicone-Based Sealants, Six-Sigma Tools, Solvents, Specially Formulated Composites, Specialty Additives, Specialty Chemicals, specialty materials, Specialty Thermoplastic Materials, Specialty Urethanes, Sulfuric Acid, Superior technology, Sustainable Development, Tapes, Technologically Advanced Materials, Textiles, Thermoplastic Materials, THT, Transport Aircraft, UV light, UV/EB curable resins, UV/EB Curable Resins & Additives, Vacuum-Only-Cure Prepregs, Waterbased Polyurethanes, Waterborne and solventborne, Wood and paper(View Less)