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Title: - the global information resource for Business and Travel
Description: The MBendi website is a global information resource for business and travel with economic overviews of continents, countries and industry sectors (especially mining and energy) and global directories of: companies, events, people, industry sectors, produ

Not available.
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Title: - Bringing Maths Alive
Description: My contains revision pages, games, puzzles, offline activities and a ready made Maths lessons for using on an interactive whiteboard.
Keywords:maths, math, mathematic, mathematics, maths game, maths puzzle, math game, math problem, multiplication, division, subtraction, addition, number, secondary, school, equations, quiz, number, shape, statistics, algebra, education, percentage, interactive, whiteboard area,
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denominator, common multiple, commutative law, complementary, composite, concave, concentric, concurrent lines, cone, congruent, consecutive, continuous data, converging lines, conversion graph, coordinates, corresponding, cos, cross-section, cube, cubed number, cubic centimetre, cubic metre, cumulative frequency, curve, cylinder, day, data, date, deca-, deka-, decade, decagon, decahedron, decimal, decimal fraction, decimal system, decrease, decomposition, degree, denominator, descending, diagonal, diameter, diamond, dice, die, difference, digit, dimension, direction, discrete data, discount, displacement, distance, distributive law, divided bar graph, division, divide, divisor, divisible, divisibility, dividend, dodecagon, dodecahedron, dollar, dot plot, double, dozen, e or E, edge, eight, eighteen, eighty, element, eleven, ellipse, endpoint, equal, equals, equality, equate, equation, equilateral triangle, equivalent fractions, estimate, evaluate, expanded notation, exponent, expression, face, factor, factorise, factorize, factor tree, Fahrenheit, feet, foot, few, Fibonacci, numbers, figurate numbers, finite, first, five, fifteen, fifty, flashcards, flat, flip, formula, fortnight, four, fourteen, forty, fraction, fraction notation, frequency, frequency distribution table, histogram, polygon, function, fundamental theorem of arithmetic, g, gallon, geo board, geometry, geo strips, googol, gram, graph, greater than, greatest common factor or divisor, grid paper, gross, grouping, half, halves, handspan, height, hemisphere, hepta, heptagon, hexa, hexadecimal, hexagon, hexahedron, highest common factor or divisor, histogram, horizontal, hour, hundred, hundredth, hypotenuse, icosahedron, identity property, improper fraction, inch, increase, index, inequality, infinite, infinity, integer, intersect, interval, inverse operations, irrational number, irregular, isosceles triangle, isometric, jump strategy, kilogram, kilo, kg, kilolitre, kL, kilometre, km, kite, km/h, l, L, litre, leap year, least, least common denominator, least common multiple, length, less, less than, lines, line graph, line symmetry, linear, linear scale, long, lowest common denominator, LCD, m, MAB blocks, magic square, mass, maximum, mean, measure, median, member, metre, meter, metric system, millilitre, mL, millimetre, mm, million, minimum, minus, minute, mixed number, mode, month, most, more, mpg, mph, multiplication, multiple, multiplicand, multiplier, multiply, tables practice, natural numbers, negative number, net, nine, nineteen, ninety, nonagon, number line, number sense, number sentence, numeral, numerator, oblique, oblique prism, oblong, obtuse, octagon, octahedron, odd number, ogive, one, operations, order, order of operations, order of rotational symmetry, ordinal, ounce, outlier, oval, pair, palindromic, parallel, parallelogram, parentheses, Pascal's triangle, pattern, pentagon, pentagonal numbers, percent, percentage, perfect number, perimeter, perpendicular, 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two-dimensional, twelve-hour time, twenty-four hour time, unequal, uniform cross-section, unit, unit fraction, unit of measurement, Universal Time, value, Venn diagram, vertex, vertices, vertical, view, visualize, volume, week, weight, whole, whole number, width, world time zones, x-axis, x-coordinate, yard, y-axis, y-coordinate, year, yield, zero(View Less)

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Title: Universidad Nacional de La Plata (UNLP) - Inicio
Description: Choique | Choique CMS
Keywords:Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Institucional, Ensenanza, Investigacion, Extension, Inicio, Pagina, Inicio, Alumnos, Docentes, Docentes, Graduados, Ingreso, Datos, Ingresantes, Posgrado, Posgrados, Pregrado, Colegios, sistema, Preuniversitario, Capacitacion, Docente, Capacitacion, Docente,
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Educacion, Distancia, Educacion, Distancia, Evaluacion, Evaluacion, Articulacion, Articulacion, Ceprom, Ceprom, Prebi-Sedici, Prebi-Sedici, Historia, Historia, Gobierno, Gobierno, Cultura, Direccion, General, Cultura, Comunicacion, Medios, Comunicacion, Medios, Discapacidad, Discapacidad, Salud, Salud, Sistemas, Unidad, Sistemas, Becas, Becas, Proyectos, Proyectos, Investigacion/Facultades, Secretarias, Facultades, Sector, Privado, Vinculacion, Tecnologica, Propiedad, Intelectual, Propiedad, Intelectual, Servicios, Sociales, Direccion, Servicios, Sociales, Catedras, Libres, Catedras, Libres, Autoridades, Autoridades, Consejo, Superior, Consejo, Superior, Sector, Publico, Asuntos, Municipales, Higiene, Seguridad, Taller, Teatro, Elencos, musicales, Museos, Programas/Proyectos, Secretaria, Extension, Secretaria, Extension, Derechos, Humanos, Editorial, Editorial, Biblioteca, Publica, Biblioteca, Publica, Radio, Universidad, Radio, Universidad, Comunicacion, Visual, Comunicacion, Visual, 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Institucionales, Administracion, Gestion, Documentos, contiene, accesos, 2004-2007, 2007-2010, Olimpiadas, Universitarias, Programa, Mundo, Nuevo, Secretaria, Carreras, Grado, Bibliotecas, Salud, Publica, Penitenciaria, Becas, Inclusion, social, Gestion, territorial, Politicas, publicas, Salud, Comunitaria, Equidad, Curriculum, planes, estudio, Consejo, Social, Cursos, idioma, Transferencia, Convenios, Escuela, Oficios, Organizaciones, Sociales, Centros, Comunitarios, Politicas, Sociales, Centro, Documentacion, Convenios, asistencia, Licenciatura, Divulgacion, cientifica, atajo, servicios, seccion, atajo, servicios, alumnos, Universidad, Presidente, sitio, presidente(View Less)
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Title: Zoek snel een job met Vacature | Werkaanbiedingen en sollicitatie tips | Vacature
Description: Werk zoeken kan eenvoudig dankzij Vacature. Zoek per regio, sector of functie en solliciteer meteen online. Bekijk zeker ook onze sollicitatie tips!
#201,693 (+18%) -
Title: Relógios | Swatch, Timex, Casio, Fossil, Armani, Seiko, Guess, One, Esprit, D&G, Pulsar, Gant, Festina, Tommy Hilfiger, Just C
Description: O mundo dos relógios de grandes marcas. A é o nº 1 em Portugal em vendas de acessórios e relógios de luxo na Web e dispõe de uma extensa gama de relógios, perfumes, jóias e produtos de coleccionador associados a marcas exclusivas de re
#83,428 (+39%) -
Title: Foreks
Description: VBI ve internet teknolojisi ile gerçek zamanlı finansal veri yayını, teknik analiz, piyasa haberleri. Foreks provides one way broadcast of real-time financial data, technical analysis through VBI and internet technology.
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Title: Ρολόγια
Description: Ρολόγια - ΩΡΑ για κλικ! -