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Title: Chemical Engineering
Description: Not available
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Title: Industrial Process Control Software DCS PLC Process Control Solutions
Description: Offers industrial process control software, DCS PLC process control solutions, software for PID tuning, primary control implementation, optimization inside the DCSs and PLCs for all plants by PiControl Solutions company in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, India, K
Keywords:enthalpy calculation, bubble point calculation, dew point calculation, heat enthalpies, vapor pressure, VLE calculations, thermodynamics, computer based training, CBT, process engineering training, chemical engineering training, plant operations safety, plant safety, process simulation and optimization, real-time online optimization, online optimization, PID tuning simulator, process control software for technical schools, process control software for community colleges, process control software for colleges, technician training, operator training, statistics training, SQC training, SPC training,
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Title: Compressed Air Filters, Industrial Air Filters, Breathers, Clean Dry Compressed Air
Description: Clean, dry compressed air filters for industrial use. Industrial air filters and breathers. We have coalescing and desiccant filters and dryers for compressed air filter systems, filtration and purification. Beach West Filters and Breathers.
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Title: Sanitarydesigns
Description: SDI is the premier supplier of charcuterie & cheese aging room equipment and controls.  SDI solutions range from simple retrofits to complete plant construction.