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#25,215,512 (-99%) -
Title: Educate Together
Description: Find breaking news & education news on colleges & universities, teachers, public & private schools, tuition, scholarships, financial aid & student loans.
Keywords:Bloomberg, Michael R, Education (K-12), Education Department (NYC), Black, Cathleen P, Mayors, Logos, College Athletics, Interscholastic Athletics, Education (K-12), Bloomberg, Michael R, New York City, Appointments and Executive Changes, Klein, Joel I, Education Department (NYC), Black, Cathleen P, Bloomberg, Michael R, Bennis, Warren G, Appointments and Executive Changes,
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Sonnenfeld, Jeffrey A, Jick, Todd, New York City, Black, Cathleen P, Education Department (NYC), Executives and Management, Useem, Michael, International Study and Teaching, Nagasaki (Japan), Japan, Education (Secondary), Tokyo (Japan), Auctions, Art, Education, Paris (France), France, New York City, Bloomberg, Michael R, Education (K-12), Education Department (NYC), Black, Cathleen P, Steiner, David, University of Phoenix, For-Profit Schools, Education Trust, Colleges and Universities, Graduation Rates, News Corporation, New York City, Klein, Joel I, Conflicts of Interest, Wireless Generation, Education Department (NYC), Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures, University of Cape Town, Affirmative Action, Race and Ethnicity, Equal Educational Opportunities, Admissions Standards, Apartheid (Policy), Blacks, South Africa, Discrimination, British Broadcasting Corp, Saudi Arabia, Anti-Semitism, Homosexuality, Textbooks, Great Britain, Education (K-12), Vick, Michael, Eagles, The, Humane Society of the United States, New Haven (Conn), Dogfighting, Appointments and Executive Changes, Education (K-12), Bloomberg, Michael R, Conflicts of Interest, Mirrer, Louise, New York City, Education Department (NYC), Black, Cathleen P, Indonesia, Colleges and Universities, Colleges and Universities, Immigration and Emigration, France, Australia, Colleges and Universities, India, Education (Secondary), Children and Youth, Text Messaging, Education (K-12), Computers and the Internet, Computer and Video Games, Brain, Smartphones, Education (K-12), Chicago (Ill), Education (K-12), Appointments and Executive Changes, Klein, Joel I, New York City, Black, Cathleen P, Education Department (NYC), Polakow-Suransky, Shael, Bloomberg, Michael R, New York City, Education (K-12), Appointments and Executive Changes, Education Department (NYC), Black, Cathleen P, Mathematics, National Assessment of Educational Progress, Reading and Writing Skills, Minorities, United States, Tests and Testing, Education (K-12), Education (K-12), Gates, Bill, Paine, Steven, Council of Chief State School Officers, Budgets and Budgeting, Teachers and School Employees, Yudof, Mark G, Tuition, California, University of California, Steiner, David M, Klein, Joel I, Education (K-12), Bloomberg, Michael R, New York City, Education Department (NYC), Black, Cathleen P, Bloomberg, Michael R, Education Department (NYC), USA Today, New York City, Hearst Corp, Education (K-12), Black, Cathleen P, New York City, Education (K-12), Education Department (NYC), Budgets and Budgeting, United Federation of Teachers, Teachers and School Employees, Computers and the Internet, Colleges and Universities, Wireless Communications, Handheld Computers, Colleges and Universities, Immigration and Emigration, Tuition, Kobach, Kris W, Foreign Students (in US), Illegal Immigrants, Arizona Immigration Law (SB 1070), California, New York City, Education and Schools(View Less)

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#348,312 (-26%) -
Title: Sabbah Report | Because Silence is Complicity!
Description: Because Silence is Complicity!
Keywords:Israel, Palestine, Gaza, Zionism, War Crimes, Zionist, War, Media, Middle East, Hamas, Obama, Islam, Egypt, America, Politics, united states, Religion, West Bank, Racism, Stuart Littlewood, flotilla, Palestinian-Authority, United-Nations, Stephen Lendman, Boycott,
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Goldstone, Apartheid, fatah, Anti-Semitism, Racist, siege, muslims, BBC, Holocaust, Franklin Lamb, Paul J. Balles, Alan Sabrosky, ADL, Hillary-Clinton, Jonathan Cook, IDF, Cairo, Libya, East Jerusalem, gaza-strip, mainstream-media, Israeli government, Islamophobia, ramallah, Knesset, BDS, anti-defamation-league, israeli-settlement, Salam-Fayyad, Richard Goldstone, Uri-Avnery, European Union, Fox, Israeli military, John McCain, Anthony Lawson, palestinian-refugees, Guantanamo, Rupert Murdoch, China, Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, UN Human Rights Council, John-Mearsheimer, ZIonists, Shimon Peres, Koran, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Prime Minister, Washington-Post, Freedom Flotilla, quran, bibi netanyahu, Terry Jones, Goldstone Report, Golan Heights, Daniel Pipes, refugee camps, Deir-Yassin, AJC, crimes of war, Ashkenazi, Human Rights Council, juan cole, occupied Palestinian territories, Rahm Emanuel, american jewish committee, arab world, israeli settlements, James M. Wall, Condoleezza Rice, david harris, Nuremberg, sean hannity, human rights activists, Mike Mullen, satire, US State Department, Danny Ayalon, gas chambers, Sandy-Tolan, libyans, Berlin Wall, Roger Cohen, racist laws, Ernst Zundel, Paul Findley, violations of human rights, World Zionist Organization, David Irving, palestinian state, Collective punishment, mass slaughter, arab nations, voice of america voa, hate speech, islamic symbol, Bill O'Rielly, Amin al-Husseini, refugee agency, Ingrid Rimland, International Criminal Criminal Court, palestinian flags, Melissa Bean, radio marti, Voice of America, hate crimes, radical literature, bigoted, richard cohen, british parliament, poison gas, humanitarians, arbitrary arrests, Charles F. Wennerstrum, mass mobilization, Dick Durbin, jim egan, Broadcasting Board of Governors, koranic, ottoman style, Jewish Americans, nazi propaganda, international treaties, indictment, Auschwitz, israeli snipers, illegal weapons, Fred Leuchter, palestinian youth, Miramax, bbc world service, Gerard Batten, Islamic culture, muslim cleric, declaration of human rights, military protection, rudolf höss, land seizures, Fredrick Töbin, Miral, radio free europe, BBC World Service Trust, grand mufti of jerusalem, Guantamo, gerald kaufman, robert faurisson, Sylvia Stolz, Safa Joudeh, cia operatives, mike quigley, radio free asia, Ben Dowell, Jason Orlich, rudolf hoess, Bradley Smith, national unity, american exceptionalism, senator dick durbin, Palestine Israel, bbc world, human rights investigation, Coptic church, steve emerson, auschwitz concentration camp, Nicholas Kollerstrom, freedom revolution, muammar quaddafi, daniel lipinski(View Less)
#310,303 (-6%) -
Title: Zionism & Israel
Description: Zionism and Israel - News and views about Zionism, Zionist Advocacy, famous Zionists, Zionist quotes, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and anti-Semitism: History of Zionism, History of Israel, documents, timelines, Maps and References
#791,669 (-54%) -
Title: Act for Israel
Description: Act For Israel is committed to representing Israel’s interests through the use of new media; to empowering pro-Israel activists to educate others; and to strengthening the ties between Israel and the World through shared interests.