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Title: SAGE - the natural home for authors, editors and societies. SAGE is a leading international publisher of journals, books, and e
Description: Since 1965, SAGE has helped inform and educate a global community of scholars, practitioners, researchers, and students spanning a wide range of subject areas including business, humanities, social sciences, and science, technology, and medicine. An inde
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Title: Christian Answers® Network™ (ChristianAnswers.Net): Multilingual answers, reviews, ministry resources, and more! [Home]
Description: Home page of one of the largest Christian Web sites - providing answers to important questions about life, faith, religion, creation, worldviews, and more / Features on-line Bible study tools, Kid Explorers, movie reviews, games… / Multilingual.

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Title: Home
Description: is an evangelism resource and training site that helps Christians "share their faith" (evangelism) effectively, biblically--the way Jesus did.
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Title: Armageddon Online
Description: Not available
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Title: Christian Gifts from The Jerusalem Gift Shop | Holy Land Christian Gifts from Israel
Description: Christian gifts direct from our Jerusalem bookstore that cannot be found anywhere else. Providing unique Christian gifts to thousands of loyal Christian supporters of Israel from our shop located in the heart of the Holy Land. Your connection to Israel
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Title: Alamongordo - Prophecies for 2011, Nostradamus predictions, Radioactive Rain, War Libya, Japan Apocalypse, Hopi Indians, Armage
Description: Prophecies for 2011, Nostradamus predictions, War Libya, Radioactive Rain, WWIII, Hopi indian Prophecies Japan, Worldwide Apocalypse, Edgar Cayce Prophecy, Radiation, US WestCoast, Nuclear Meltdown, X.49, Japan Tsunami, Iran, Tsjernobyl, Earthquake, Floo
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Title: Baby names for boys, girls, unique, popular, top, meaning of name
Description: Find the perfect baby name at Baby Names Garden. Thousands of baby names and meanings, helpful tips and articles, top 100, expert interviews, most popular names, celebrity baby names and more.
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Title: K-News4U
Description: presents the news through a biblical lens, promotes Christian ministries and businesses, discusses real life issues, and shares money saving opportunities.