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Title: Erlang Programming Language
Description: Erlang Programming Language
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Title: ERCIM - the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics
Description: ERCIM - The European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics
Keywords:adaptive programs and systems, algebra and geometry, applied information technology, autonomous systems, bio-informatics, business process modelling, classification, coding, indexing and retrieval, combinatorics, communication networks, cummunity Web portals, compilers, component based programming, computer algebra, computer arithmetic, computerised help to handicapped, computer music and cognitive musicology, concurrency, constraint programming, coordination languages, correctness proofs and verification, cryptography, complexity and security, (cultural) information systems,
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database and knowledge management, data mining, decision support systems, design and analysis of dependable systems, digital, VLSI and microelectronics technologies, distributed and parellel systems, DNA computing, domain specific languages, dual dynamics, evolutionary algorithms, evolvable hardware, facial animation, fluid dynamics, formal methods, fuzzy logics, geographical information systems, graph theory, hypertext and hypermedia, (advanced) ICT applications and technology (dig, e-commerce, teleworking, e-university etc), image analysis, information visualisation, innovative interfaces, interactive software and systems, language engineering, machine learning, man machine interaction, medical informatics, metacomputing, mobile and wireless computing, mobility, multimedia databases, network architecture and management, neurocomputing, non-linear systems in physics, life sciences and the environment, number theory and security, operating systems, parellel software for implicit differential equ, production informatics, probability, quantum computing, radio technology, real time and high performance programming, requirements capture, reverse engineering, robotics and intelligent vehicles, silicon systems, standards, software optimisation, software renovation, software specification, analysis and testing, space flight dynamics, speech, statistical informatics, statistics, stochastic analysis and fi! nance, stochastic geometry, system theory and control, visualisation and virtual reality, world wide web: DataWeb, anfas, thetis, esimeau, research, research projects, research consortium, information technology, anfas, crucid, decair, delos, mtom3d, workshops, informatics, biocomputing(View Less)
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Title: Artful Code
Description: Resources and tips for Lisp, Perl, Python, PHP, and other interactive languages.
#303,249 (+452%) -
Title: javagava - free java support
Description: class,buf,count,pos,markpos,marklimit,read(), skip(),available(),mark(),reset(),markSupported(),,close() , class,buf,count,pos,markpos,marklimit,read method java, skip method java,available method jav class, buf, count, pos, markpos, marklimit, read(), skip(), available(), mark(), reset(), markSupported(), close(), read method java, skip method java, available method java, mark method java, reset method java, markSupported method java, close method java, Example of BufferedInputStream, java, BufferedInputStream java SE7, class, online java tutorials,
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free java tutorials, Example of BufferedOutputStream, java BufferedOutputStream, BufferedOutputStream java, his Java tutorial describes exceptions, basic input/output, concurrency, regular expressions, and the platform environment, java programming, learn java, java sample code, java exception, java input output, java threads, java regex, path, classpath, environment variable, Basic io java, Reading a file using FileReader java, java SE7, free java, character Stream, Reading a file using character Stream, read a file using BufferedReader, read a file using BufferedReader java, java Collection interface, Collection interface java*, Basic Operation of Collection interface java, Bulk Operation of Collection interface java, Collection Interface Array Operations java, size() collection java, size method in collection java, isEmpty() collection java, isEmpty method in collection java, add() collection java, add method in collection java, addAll() collection java, addAll method in collection java, remove() collection java, remove method in collection java, removeAll() collection java, removeAll method in collection java, contains() collection java, contains method in collection java, containsAll() collection java, containsAll method in collection java, retain() collection java, retainAll method in collection java, clear() collection java, clear method in collection java, iterator collection java, toString() collection java, toString collection java, Online collection java tutorials, java util collections, collections overview java, java Collections Introduction, Collections framework java, collections interface java, List Collection java, Set Collection java, Map Collection java, SortedSet Collection java, SortedMap Collection java, vector java, Arraylist java, Queue java, online java collection tutorials, java collections, java collection, java.util package, java 7, how to traverse collection in java, Traversing Collection Java, java Program for Traversing Collection using fo, java Program for Traversing Collection using It, java util package, java util collection, collection interface java, iterator interface java, java*, how to remove duplicate element from collection, Remove Duplicate Element from Collection java, how to remove duplicate element from collection, Remove Duplicate Element from Collection java*, java Set implementation in HashSet class, Set implementation in HashSet class java, Set implementation in HashSet java, the implementations of Set interface java, java HashSet Overview, Collections.synchronizedSet, HashSet Class java, Collections Framework java, Collection java, java util Class, java Set Collection interface Overview, Set Collection interface Overview java, Set interface java, Collection interface java, HashSet Set java, TreeSet Set java, LinkedHashSet Set java, restricted Collection interface java, Basic Operation of Set interface java, Bulk Operation of Set interface java, Set Interface Array Operations java, size() Set java, size method in Set java, isEmpty() Set java, isEmpty method in Set java, add() Set java, add method in Set java, addAll() Set java, addAll method in Set java, remove() Set java, remove method in Set java, removeAll() Set java, removeAll method in Set java, contains() Set java, contains method in Set java, containsAll() Set java, containsAll method in Set java(View Less)
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Title: Akka Project
Description: Akka: Simpler Scalability, Fault-Tolerance, Concurrency & Remoting through Actors

Not available.
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Title: Professor Dr. Rajkumar Buyya's Cyberhome
Description: It provides cluster, grid, cloud computing resources such as books, teaching presentation slides, links to numerous distributed resource management systems, environments, software, documents, conferences, announcements
Keywords:cluster, cluster computing, clouds, grid computing, cloud computing, cloudbus, gridbus, gridsim, cloudsim, supercomputing, multithreading, Java, high performance computing, IEEE, Task Force on Cluster Computing, TCSC, Buyya, Rajkumar Buyya, IEEE Technical Committee on Scalable Computing, Market-Oriented Cloud Computing, Internet, high availability, single system image, India, distributed computing,
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#7,236 (-6%) -
Title: Software Engineering at Oxford | The Software Engineering Programme
Description: Part time, flexible postgraduate study Courses in software systems security, object technology, software architecture, precise modelling, development processes Delivered by experts Includes an intense teaching week of classes, practicals, and group work