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#123,272 (-4%) -
Title: Oldpoetry - Classical Poetry Discussion
Description: Old Poetry at Oldpoetry - appreciate the poetic greats! Learn from Whitman, Keats, and all those who spent their life in pursuit of a poetic ideal. Help point out nuances in old favorites, and join in the discussion!

Not available.
#159,868 (+106%) -
Title: .Shafighi
Description: پایگاه ادبی شفیقی | منبع ادبی فارسی زبانان
Keywords:Shafighi, Forum, Iran, Gilan, Tehran, Shamlu, Sepehri, Frough Farrokhzad, Nima Youshij, Adab, Sher, sheer, ferdosi, shahname, poesi, poes, poet, Shafighi, SHAFIGHI, OSTAD HAROUN SHAFIGHI ANBARAN, ostad haroun shafighi anbaran, ANBARAN, TALESH, talysh, talish,
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#120,651 (+0%) -
Title: Diarios Regionales
Description: El diario de habla hispana más antiguo del mundo en Internet, Valparaíso, Chile
Title: "Recognize Your Face" marketplace ministry - our mission is to Heal, Educate, and Redirect - Home
Description: marketplace ministry, arts, entertainment, singing, music,

Not available.
#338,715 (-2%) -
Title: Gsm Lover
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#104,408 (+147%) -
Title: Urdu Fans Community Forums | by the fans & for the fans
Description: A great site for all your Urdu needs! Urdu Fans is the social network community organization, providing a welcoming, supportive and non-confrontational environment. It is a huge network with many impressive features... by the fans & for the fans.
#173,498 (-2%) -
Title: Love Poems and Poetry
Description: Visit this site for people who love poems - dedicated to romatic poets, poetry and biography. Enjoy love poems - dedicated to romantic poets, poems and biography. Use the text from a famous love poem for romantic birthday cards.

Not available.
#108,796 (+32%) -
Title: دليل مواقع ، دليل سعودي عز
Description: دليل سعودي عز ، دليل المواقع العربية دليل مواقع , دليل سعودي , دليل سعودي نت , دليل المواقع السعوديه الاول , دليلك للمواقع العربية
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#221,651 (-13%) -
Title: Şiir Ana Sayfa -'ye hoşgeldiniz...
Description: siir uzerine titiz bir secki

Not available.
#274,495 (-22%) -
Title: סנונית - לעוף רחוק יותר מהדמיון
Description: To know more with ease and fun - Snunit is a hebrew portal for educational information and activities. it is seated in the hebrew univesity in jerusalem and operets to bring everyone the best on the web.