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#518,268 (+10%) -
Title: AVX Online
Description: Product offerings that include ceramic and tantalum capacitors, connectors, thick and thin film capacitors, resistors and integrated passive components
Keywords:2mm hard metric, accu-f, accu-p, acoustic, arrays, avx, avx corp, avx corporation, avx limited, avx ltd, avxkyocera, axial, backpanel, battery, battery connector, bulk filter, capacitance, capacitor, capacitor arrays, capacitors, card edge, ceramic, ceramic capacitors, ceramic disc, ceramic disk,
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#664,290 (+5%) -
Description: Stock Check Distributor Inventory Referral for Franchised Electronic Parts - StockCheck
#1,073,689 (-2%) -
Title: Microcontroller and Electronic parts e-Shop, ermicro
Description: The Microcontroller and Electronic Components Store, we carry microcontroller project related components, including resistor, capacitor, inductor, diodes, transistors, integated circuit and Microcontroller's by Atmel and Microchip
#15,869,888 (-33%) -
Title: INDAK - Home Page
Description: Indak Manufacturing Corporation designs, manufactures and assembles Mechanical, Electromechanical and Electronic HVAC Control Panels, Switches, Resistors, Potentiometers, Vacuum Valves, Control Modules, Displays, Clocks Timers and Gages for Automotive, O
#7,669,665 (-18%) -
Title: Potentiometer switch manufacturer, Omeg
Description: Manufacturer of Omeg potentiometers, Rotary potentiometers, Switch potentiometers, Servo potentiometers; Manufacturer of Castelco switches, Cord pull switches, Push button switches and Toggle switches, Radiohm
#6,616,925 (+3%) -
Title: Allied International Corp. distributor Tronair GSE, LMB fans, Abeillon goosenecks, Champion TRU, Eurofarad capacitors, Titeflex
Description: Allied International Corporation sells and distributes to the global aerospace market of U. S. and European manufactured GSE equipment, high reliabilty AC and Brushless DC fans, impact switches, transformer rectifier units TRU, acoustic silencers, hoses,
#13,803,785 (+26%) -
Title: Temper Technical Marketing
Keywords:temper, technical marketing, thermistors, probes, leaded epoxy, surface mount end-banded chip thermistors, MELFS, thermistor probe assemblies, resistance temperature detectors, rtds, silicon bipolar, MOSFETS, thru-hole, smd, transistor, transistors, diodes, darlingtons, duals, voltage reference, voltage regulators, ISO 9001, IECQ750000, RoHS compliant, RoHs,
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