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Title: Homepage - Lazer 103.3 - Everything That Rocks
Description: Lazer 103.3 - Everything That Rocks
Title: Pittsburgh Bead Company!
Description: PUGDOG's Rock & Bead shop, Pittsburgh Glass Beads Page
#1,109,489 (+15%) -
Title: Cast Concrete Stone Veneer Molds for stone, tile, bricks and pavers.
Description: Learn to cast concrete stone, veneer, bricks, pavers, cobbles, steppingstones and tile using concrete stone veneer molds, cement, or plaster. Free instructions.
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Title: Amethyst Galleries' Mineral Gallery
Description: Amethyst Galleries' Mineral Gallery is a constantly growing database of mineral descriptions, images, and specimens. The descriptions include searchable mineralogical data, plus other information of interest to students and rock hounds!
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Title: MacMusic : Music, MIDI & audio on Macintosh.
Description: All about music software and hardware to make audio or MIDI on macintosh. Daily news, forums, big links directory, downloads, reviews, tips, resources, classifieds...
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Title: Paper Jamz - Choose your country
Description: Paper Jamz is a range of cool new guitars, drums and amps with unique paper thin technology that turns you into an instant Rockstar. Strum perfect rock anthems and create new rock hits by touch alone.
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Title: AVIATOR Watches Welt der Uhren und Schmuck
Description: Edle Uhren und Schmuck. Wir fuehren das gesamte Sortiment an Uhren von: Riedenschild, Thunderbirds made by Riedenschild, Arctos, J.Springs, Quadtec, Praetorian, Luminox, Tissot, Citizen, Kalashnikov, Torgoen, Timex TX, Libenham und viele weitere Uhren. E
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Title: Bruker AXS: Home
Description: Bruker AXS designs and manufactures analytical X-ray systems for elemental analysis, materials research and structural investigations. Bruker AXS’ innovative solutions enable a wide range of customers in heavy industry, chemistry, pharmacy, semiconduct
Keywords:XRF, X-ray Spectrometry, XRD, X-ray Diffraction, OES, Optical Emission Spectrometry, Combustion Analysis, Thermal Analysis, X-ray Microanalysis, Biological Crystallography, Chemical Crystallography, Lab Automation, Radionuclide Analysis, On-line XRF, Metallurgy, Conservation, Cement, Raw Materials, Environment Management, Waste Management, Coating, Life Sciences, Mining, Geology, Automotive,
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Nanomaterials, Oils, Pastics, Refinery, RoHS, Semiconductors, EDXRD, EDXRF, WDXRF, EDS, EDX, SAXS, WAXS, Aluminium, Art, Archaeology, Paintings, Building Materials, Cement, Carbon, Coal, Cast Iron, Catalysts, Ceramics, Refractories, Coatings, Glass, Cobalt, Colloids, Compound Semiconductors, Copper, Brass, Epitaxial Layers, Alloys, Ferro Alloys, Fertilizers, Salts, Food, Fodder, Forensic, Fuel, Gasoline, Glass, Chemicals, Inorganic Chemicals, Lead, Lime, Limestone, Clays, Lubricants, Lube Oils, Grease, Magnesium, Metals, Minerals, Rocks, Crystals, Nickel, Ores, Organic Chemicals, Paper, Particles, Pharmaceuticals, Drugs, Pigments, Paints, Polymers, Fibres, Prescious Metals, Proteins, Sand, Quartz, Semiconductors, Si, Si/Ge, Slags, Soils, Sediment, Steel, High Alloys, Low Alloys, Thin films, Tin, Solder, Titanium, Wafers, Waste, Ash, Filters, Dust, Water, Zeolithes, Zinc, µ-Spot Analysis, 3D Structure, Single Crystal, X-ray Structure, Amorphous Mixtures, Crystalline Mixtures, Components, Workpieces, Crystal Growth, Crystalline Powder Analysis, EDS Microanalysis, Elemental Analysis, Nanoanalytics, Phase Transitions, Thin Film Analysis, Layer Thickness, % Crystallinity, Structure Determination, Al-Bath Analysis, Automatic Sample Handling, Sample Handling, Crystal Orientation, Crystalline Phases, Crystalline Structure, Crystallite Size, Electron Density Maps, Elemental Map, High Pressure Structure, High Sample Throughput, Identification, Low Temperature Structure, Monitoring, Nano Particles, Non Ambient Conditions, Polymorph Screening, Preferred Orientation, Texture, Process Control, High Sample Throughput, Trace Elements, Quality Control, Quantitative Analysis, Qualitative Analysis, SAD Phasing, MAD Phasing, Sample Screening, Strain, Stress(View Less)
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Title: Kid Activities | 1000's of Ideas for Childcare Professionals & Teachers!
Description: 1000's of Ideas for Childcare Professionals & Teachers!
Keywords:Yakity Yak: Discussion of Let's Brag, Yakity Yak: Discusion of Unhappy SAC Parent, XLNT: Wish List to Parents, XLNT: Teaching Kids Value of Money, XLNT: Poems & Quotes for Teachers, XLNT FYI: USA Holiday Dates, XLNT FYI: Text Message Acronyms, XLNT FYI: Program Money & Time Saving Tips, XLNT FYI: Metric Conversions, XLNT FYI: Lights on After School Event, XLNT FYI: For Parents, XLNT FYI: Child Development, Welcome!, Website Related: Website Tips, Website Policy, Transitions: Team Selection, Transitions: Pre-K-K, Transitions: Games for Waiting-Gathering, Transitions: Clean Up Time, Transitions: Attention Getting Strategies, Transitions: All Categories, Training Series, Tip Page: Whining, Tip Page: When Kids Say They are Bored, Tip Page: Traveling with Kids,
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Tip Page: Training Need Assessments, Tip Page: Thanking Staff, Tip Page: Setting Goals, Tip Page: New Staff Program Orientation, Tip Page: Making Activities Work, Tip Page: Great Program Centers, Tip Page: Do's and Don'ts for Staff, Tip Page: Discipline In ChildCare, Tip Page: Creating Great Program Environment, Tip Page: Create a Balance Center, Tip Page: Children Cursing, Tip Page: Building Self Esteem, Tip Page: Building Program Bridges, Thought of the Month, Thought of Month: Not Making Kids say I'm Sorry, Themes for a Day, Theme: Worms, Theme: Water pg. 2, Theme: Water, Theme: Walking Club and Party, Theme: Teddy Bear, Pebbles, Rocks, Theme: Stones, Theme: Snowman, Theme: Snowflakes, Theme: Sand, Theme: Reindeer, Theme: Rainbows, Theme: Rain and Clouds, Theme: Purple People Eater, Theme: Purple Color, Theme: Pumpkins, Theme: Popcorn, Theme: Olympics, Theme: Mixing Math and Fun, Theme: Mixing Geography and Fun, Theme: Mexican, Theme: Leaf-Leaves, Theme: Insects, Theme: Gardening, Theme: Frogs, Theme: France-French, Theme: Farm & Harvest, Theme: Earth and Green at Home, Theme: Earth and Green Ideas, Theme: Dr. Seuss, Theme: Colonial Page 2, Theme: Colonial, Theme: Circus and Carnival, Theme: Chicken and Pig, Theme: Cherries, Theme: Birds, Theme: Bird pg. 2, Theme: Apples, & Parties, Theme: Animals for Fun, Special School Days: Using Camera as Tool, Special School Days: End of School Year Ideas, Special School Days: Beginning of the School Ye, Special School Days: 100th Day of School, Snacks: Winter, Snacks: Warm Weather Page 2, Snacks: Warm Weather, Snacks: Snowman Themed, Snacks: Snack Mix Recipes, Shakes & Coolers, Snacks: Smoothies, Snacks: Pumpkin, Snacks: Pretzel Recipes, Snacks: Popcorn, Snacks: No Bake Recipes, Snacks: Hot Cocoa Recipes & Ideas!, Snacks: Food Gifts, Snacks: Fall and Winter, Snacks: Easy Candy, Snacks: Candy Cane Goodies, Snacks: Apples, Seasonal:102 Quick Rainy Day-Any Day Ideas, Seasonal: Winter/Holiday Book List, Seasonal: Winter Snowman Theme, Seasonal: Winter Outside Snow Games, Seasonal: Winter Outside Fun, Seasonal: Winter Inside Games, Seasonal: Winter Inside Activities, Seasonal: Winter Doing Days of January, Seasonal: Winter Doing Days of December, Seasonal: Winter Arts/Crafts, Seasonal: Windsocks and Wind Chimes, Seasonal: Spring Holidays and Weather Books, Seasonal: Snowflakes, Seasonal: Rainbows, Seasonal: Rain & Clouds, Seasonal: Flower Theme, Seasonal: Fall/Autumn Science/Nature, Seasonal: Fall/Autumn Book List, Seasonal: Fall/Autumn Art & Crafts, Seasonal: Fall/Autumn Games, Seasonal: Fall Doing Days of September, Seasonal: Fall Doing Days of October, Seasonal: Fall Doing Days of November, Seasonal: Everything Winter, Seasonal: Everything Summer Page 2, Seasonal: Everything Summer, Seasonal: Everything Fall, Seasonal: Doing the Days of March, Seasonal: Doing the Days of June, Seasonal: Doing the Days of February, Seasonal: Doing the Days of April, Seasonal: Autumn Decorating, Seasonal: Sunflower Theme, Science: Younger Kids, Science: Supply Ideas for Centers, Science: Projects for School Age & Middle S, Science: Miscellaneous Popular, Science: Mad Science Theme for Club or Party!, Science: Kids Collecting Insects, Science: Autumn/Fall ideas, Random Acts of Kindness: Page 2, Random Acts of Kindness, Professional Child Care Resources, Pre-K Literacy Fun, Parties: Tips for Great Parties, Parties: Themes to Brainstorm, Parties: Purplicious-Purple Power Theme, Parties: Mad Science Lab Decorations, Parties: Ideas and Activities, Parents: How Parents can be Involved in School, Newsletters, Newest Additions, Music: Pre-K page 2, Music: Pre K and K, Music: Graduation Songs, Music in School Age Programs, Mexico, Literacy: Writing and Language Centers, Literacy: Trick Questions, Literacy: Tons of Jokes, Literacy: Tongue Twisters & Games, Literacy: Something Different, Literacy: Pre-K-Gr. 2, Literacy: Pre-K to Grade 1 Activities, Literacy: Pantomime Tips and Games, Literacy: Mixing Words & Art, Literacy: Knock Knock Jokes, Literacy: Improv Games and Exercises, Literacy: Good Books and Info, Literacy: Gifts, Literacy: Games and Creative Story Telling, Literacy: Drama Categories Defined, Literacy: Drama and Music Centers, Literacy: Drama and Drama Games, Games & Make Up, Literacy: Costumes, Literacy: Books Winter, Weather, Earth, Literacy: Books Spring, Literacy: Books End of School and Summer Reading, Literacy: Books Cooperative Play and Games, Literacy: Books Autumn, Literacy: Books About Money, Literacy: Activities that are Fun, Reindeer, Christmas, Jokes: Winter, Bees and Frogs, Gardens, Jokes: Weather, Jokes: Valentine's Day, Jokes: USA Patriotic Holidays, Jokes: Thanksgiving, Jokes: St. Patrick's Day, Jokes: Knock-Knock, Flies and Spiders, Fleas, Jokes: Insects, Jokes: Halloween, Jokes: Food, Jokes: Easter and Bunny, Jokes: Crossing the Road, Farm Animals and Variety, Elephants, Dogs, Jokes: Cats, Jokes: Bears, Jokes: April Fool's Day, Homework Center, Holidays: Valentine Jokes, Holidays: Valentine Games, Holidays: Valentine Food, Holidays: Valentine Everything, Holidays: Valentine Crafts /Art, Holidays: Thanksgiving Snacks, Holidays: Thanksgiving Miscellaneous, Holidays: Thanksgiving Jokes, Holidays: Thanksgiving Games, Holidays: Thanksgiving Everything, Crafts and Misc., Holidays: Thanksgiving Arts, Holidays: St. Patrick's Day Everything, Holidays: St. Paddy Day Snacks, Holidays: St. Paddy Day Games & More, Holidays: President's Day, Holidays: Mother's Day, Holidays: Hanukkah, Holidays: Halloween Snacks, Holidays: Halloween Jokes, Holidays: Halloween Games, Holidays: Halloween Everything, Holidays: Halloween Decorating, Holidays: Halloween Arts/Crafts Pg. 2, Holidays: Halloween Arts/Crafts, Holidays: Father's Day, Holidays: Everything Easter Eggs, Holidays: Everything Easter, Holidays: Easter Jokes, Holidays: Easter Games, Holidays: Easter Book List, Snacks and More!, Holidays: Easter Art, Holidays: Earth Day, Holidays: Dr. Martin Luther King Day, Holidays: Cinco de Mayo, Holidays: Christmas Tongue Twisters, Holidays: Christmas Song Lyrics, Holidays: Christmas Snacks page 2, Holidays: Christmas Games and Miscellaneous, Holidays: Christmas Foods, Holidays: Christmas Everything, Holidays: Christmas Decorations and Centerpieces, Holidays: Christmas Crafts, Holidays: Christmas & Winter Jokes, Holidays: Chinese New Year, & Blue Days, White, Holidays: All the Patriotic Red, Games: Winter Outside, Games: Winter Inside, Games: Waiting and Gathering, Games: Team Selection, Games: School-Age Gym, Balloons & Beanbags, Relays, Games: Races, Circle, Table, Thinking, Games: Quiet, Games: Pre-K to Grade 2, Games: Parachute, Games: Outside Water, Games: Outside Play, Games: Jump Rope, Games: For Small Sized Groups of Kids, Games: Competition & Self-Esteem Needs, Games: Autumn/Fall, Earth Theme: Snacks and Miscellaneous Ideas, Earth Theme: Seasonal and Holiday Ideas, Earth Theme: Nature and Science, Earth Theme: Music Ideas, Earth Theme: Middle School and High School, Earth Theme: Menu of categories, Coins, Recycling, Earth Theme: Litter, Earth Theme: Green Ideas for Home, Earth Theme: Earth Friendly Contact Resources, Crafts and Games, Earth Theme: Arts, Diversity/Multi Cultural: Games and School Acti, Diversity/Multi Cultural: Book List, Diversity/Multi Cultural with Language-Literacy, Diversity/Multi Cultural through Food and Other, Diversity/Multi Cultural Arts-Crafts, Diversity/Multi Cultural, Display and Bulletin Boards: Autumn/Back to Sch, Creative Ideas: Page 2, Creative Ideas: Extend Activities, Creative Ideas, Crafts: Yarn Dolls, Crafts: Yarn and String, Crafts: Wrapping Gifts, Crafts: Recycled Material pg.2, Crafts: Recycled Materials, Crafts: Pasta, Crafts: Page 2, Crafts: Musical Instruments, Crafts: Gifts from Child's Heart, Crafts: Food Gifts, Crafts: Bookmarks, Crafts/Art: Winter, Crafts that Smell Good, Crafts Good for Gifts, Crafts, Contests and Grants, Connecting to Family Ideas, Connecting Kids to Kids: Building Program Commu, Community Service: Middle & High School, Community Service: How Parents can be Involved, Community Service Ideas, Clubs, Bullying-Conflict Resolution: Book List, Bullying-Comments from Visitors, Bullying, Black History: I Have a Dream Speech, Black History and MLK Book List, Black History, Behavioral Management: Positive Discipline, Art: Words & Letters, Art: Pinatas & Paper Mache, Art: Pasta-Noodles, Slime & Gak Type Recipes, Art: Goop, Art: Activities Page 2, Art: 70 Art Activities, Art: 40 Play Dough Recipes, Art: 40 Paint & Coloring Recipes, Art Gallery: Grades 4-8, Art Gallery: Grades 1-3, Yakity Yak: Discussion of 'New to SAC', Yakity Yak: Discussion of Problems in Building, Yakity Yak: Visitor Comments(View Less)
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Title: The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom: Home
Description: An interactive reference guide to rocks, minerals, and gemstones.