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Title: Veritas Radio Show with Mel Fabregas | Alternative Media for Discerning Minds
Description: The Veritas Show with Mel Fabregas is a weekly show exploring UFO and paranornmal phenomenona, conspiracies and current world events. Because you don't want to believe. You want to know.

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Title: 2012 Reptoids Planet X Files Chemtrails Battlela Spiral UFOs Ohio UFO Footage Paranormal Activity Investigations UFOs Aliens Gh
Description: Chinas UFOs 2012 Mike Hawkins UFO Reptoids New Alien Planets found Planet X Files Conspiracy Theories, Conspiracies 9/11 Inside Job News and Paranormal Activity 2 Investigations Website DVDs Videos and Censored Banned Information
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Title: Video, Movies And Production
Description: Video, Movies, Production And DVD Resources
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#6,745,022 (-43%) -
Title: Alien Casebook Fringe
Description: [google1b5a0b359250a256.html]
Keywords:UFO, UFOs, ufo, ufo's, ufos, flying saucers, Roswell, Ovni, ufo documents, disclosure, discussion-forum, forum, disc, sightings, alien, extraterrestrial, humanoid, bible connection, musing, muse, recent, latest, current, best ever, ufo history,
... (View More)
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Title: UK UFO Sightings
Description: UFO Sighting Reports in the United Kingdom and US sorted by County and date
#619,561 (-28%) -
Title: UFO Stalker is the source for UFO reports, UFO sightings, UFO pictures and UFO videos - MUFON UFO map
Description: UFO reports, UFO sightings, UFO photos, UFO videos, UFO Statistics and UFO trends. Our intuitive map gives you a real time view into UFO sightings around the world. By using reports from the MUFON Case Management System UFO Stalker gives an immediate vie
#276,306 (+82%) -
Title: Veritas Radio with Mel Fabregas | | Be Skeptical, But Don't Close Your Mind! | A Modern Day Mystery School
Description: VERITASRADIO.COM is a weekly radio program exploring: ~ Consciousness/Spirituality/Esoterism ~ UFO/E.T. ~ Hidden History/Archeology ~ Parapolitics (Conspiracies) ~ Geopolitics (Current World Events) ~ New Science ~ Alternative Health ~ Paranormal Phenome
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Title: The Skybrary - Main
Description: The Skybrary Is An (Aviation/Aerospace) Social+Research+Networking Utility. It combines the best features of Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, Craigslist and other popular aviation/aerospace websites, into a one-stop-shop mega Our sit
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Title: Alien Videos, UFO Sightings & Reptilians Exposed!
Description: Alien and UFO video sharing community. Discover the truth about extraterrestrial life!